40inch Hot Sale Full Linden Glossy Acoustic Guitar

The best choice of a good starter acoustic guitar, the 40-inch hot sale acoustic guitar is the best first guitar that comes in four different colors.

Product Information

CategoriesAcoustic guitar > Caravan Music
FretboardRichlite wood
BindingABS binding
Head machineDie-cast
FinishHigh glossy
ColorN, BK, BLS, 3TS

Professional OEM Guitar Process

As an OEM GUITAR, we have advanced technology and equipment, mature production workers and a complete production system, professional management of products, rigorous production process, and multiple quality inspection procedures. We have ample guitar inventory, with approximately 50,000 guitars in stock to ensure transportation efficiency. We give priority to providing high-quality and good starter acoustic guitars, immediate services, and competitive prices to customers all over the world.

Step 1:CNC cutting guitar body top

Step 2:Body combination

Step 3:Open the truss rod slot


We have the latest guitar production machines, mature production workers and a complete production system. Before manufacturing, we strictly classify and select the raw materials of the guitars. The production process is rigorous, and multi-quality inspection procedures ensure the quality of each guitar. All high-quality guitars such as the famous 40-inch guitars, which are the best first guitars are all from here.

Product Details

Deviser Guitar provides you with the opportunity of a closer look at  the good starter acoustic guitar. Through all these pictures, you can enjoy the elegant lines and classic color of  the 40 -inch acoustic guitar.

Good Starter Acoustic Guitar
Good Starter Acoustic Guitar
Good Starter Acoustic Guitar
Good Starter Acoustic Guitar

Product Video

There is a tutorial of the good starter acoustic guitar Caravan Music HS-4010. You can have a better understanding of acoustic guitars by watching this  video.

Caravan Music Acoustic Guitar HS-4010


Good Starter Acoustic Guitar


Good Starter Acoustic Guitar


Good Starter Acoustic Guitar


Good Starter Acoustic Guitar


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