Popular OEM Acoustic Guitar

Our brand is a famous acoustic guitar manufacturer,OEM acoustic guitar service is provided to meet your personalized demand.

     Caravan Music

  • Caravan Music is one of the famous brands of Guangzhou Huayi Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.
  • It is popular in many countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • Among beginner guitars, it belongs to the best.
  • OEM service is provided.


  • Deviser Acoustic Guitar is the main brand of Guangzhou Huayi Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.
  • The brand is famous all over the world.
  • We have exclusive agents in 14 countries and regions: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Russia, etc.
  • OEM service is provided.

       Oriental Cherry

  • Oriental Cherry is a brand with mid and high-end acoustic guitar
  • Including plywood acoustic guitar, solid top acoustic guitar and all solid acoustic guitar
  • OEM service is provided


  • Sevillana is a brand for high-end all solid acoustic guitar
  • Our goal is to make low-price, high-quality, all solid acoustic guitars
  • OEM service is provided