The past few years have witnessed that the musical instrument appears to be popular worldwide. Among types of musical instruments, classical guitars and acoustic guitars are hot-selling musical instruments that are favored by beginners and professionals. The booming guitar market gives guitar sales representatives a positive signal to own this business.


However, there are some puzzles for guitar sales representatives. First, is acoustic better than classical guitarClassical guitar vs acoustic guitar: how to identify them since they have extremely similar in appearance? Thus, this article will help you to clarify these questions and make a detailed discussion about the topic “classical guitar vs acoustic guitar.” Scroll down to get something more.

Classical guitar vs acoustic guitar: what are they?

On the one hand, classical guitars are much more conventional. It is popular among professional modern performers and beginners. In addition, the strings have a superb tone and sensation for some styles with a low tension, which is great for beginners since it makes it easy to press down on the strings.


On the other hand, acoustic guitars are a more recent creation, which is preferred in the majority of popular music genres and are ideal for songwriters. Acoustic guitars with metal strings rather than nylon strings are more difficult on the fingers. Most guitar players will go to the acoustic guitar unless they pursue other types of guitar. With strap buttons on acoustic guitars, the guitarists can play it in stand-up positions.

Classical guitar vs acoustic guitar: major differences

After learning their definition, let’s dive into some detailed differences between classical guitar vs acoustic guitar.

1. Body size

Classical guitars and acoustic guitars have different body sizes. Compared with some popular sizes of classical guitars, acoustic guitars have bigger bodies that are more suitable for strong enough people. But some types of classical guitars are similar in dimension and size to acoustic guitars.


2. Tuning pegs

Acoustic guitar tuning pegs are not the same as classical guitar tuning pegs. Classical guitar pegs are made of plastic and metal, whereas acoustic guitars are made entirely of metal. The way the strings are coiled and the angle of the tuning pegs are further distinguishing features.


3. Timbre & strings

The term timbre refers to the tonality and the quality of an instrument or sound. Timbre is the special quality and uniqueness that can identify acoustic and classical guitars. The most crucial factor in this differentiation is the kind of string:

  • Classical (nylon) strings give a gentle, mellow tone reminiscent.
  • Acoustic steel strings have a bright, metallic, or occasionally twangy tone.

                              Acoustic guitar strings                                                                                        Classical guitar strings

4. Volume

Because of the bigger body form of steel-string acoustic guitars, the level of sound generated on acoustic guitars is typically louder than on classical guitars. But that does not necessarily mean classical guitars cannot make loud volumes. There are various ways for classical guitars to make a greater sound.


Classical guitar vs acoustic guitar: which business should you choose?

Whether to join the classical guitar business or acoustic guitar business depends on the people around you. Acoustics are commonly used by acoustic rock bands, pop musicians, and country musicians, while the classical guitar is often preferred by classical, Spanish, some Gypsy-jazz, and folk performers. Thus, if you are a musical instrument distributor finding the right musical instrument business, you should clarify what your target people want and choose the most reliable guitar manufacturer.


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