If you are a musician or love to play guitars, you may have considered what makes a single guitar different from the other. In recent months, an increasing amount of people have joined in the heated debate about the main differences between laminate and solid top acoustic guitars. Both guitars are excellent choices for the musicians as they both have an alluring tone and manufacturing quality. But the difference is more than just value and cost. Thus, in order to figure out their differences, we will guide you to clarify their definitions as well as their diversities.

Laminate VS. Solid Top Acoustic Guitar: What are they?

On the one hand, a Laminate guitar uses a type of wood that is highly regarded and valued by guitar makers because it’s an assembly made up of many thin layers of wood to form one bigger surface. It’s excellent as far as sturdiness and stiffness go.

On the other hand, the top, back, and sides are constructed from solid wood is a solid top acoustic guitar. The piece of wood has been rigorously picked, carved, shaped, and fitted.

How to Differentiate Laminate and Solid Top Acoustic Guitars?

Regarding the differences between laminate and solid top acoustic guitars, you should pay attention to the following aspects.


A solid top acoustic guitar will have a deeper look with the characteristic of authenticity and earthy. By using wood as the raw material, the surface of a solid top acoustic guitar is unique. It means that no other guitar will be just like yours. Instead, it comes from a great top and finishes to establish the instrument as a high-quality one.

On the contrary, a laminate top guitar can be made to look like real wood. It has uniform grain size and patterns, which will improve stains and colors that make it looks more vibrant than real wood. In addition, there are variations in finishes and color options in a laminate top guitar.


A laminate top has flatter tones but doesn’t have the crisp highs or strong bass tones that solid tops tend to have. A laminate top stays consistent over time, so what the guitar sounds like when you first pick remains similar over the years.

In contrast to the laminate top acoustic guitar, a solid top acoustic guitar will resonate with the nice and full warmth that gets better as it ages. This wood provides an excellent sound with a clear tone. However, the tone may get louder as the wood ages.

Value and Price

In most situations, a solid top will make a guitar more valuable, and a laminate top will keep a guitar’s value low. Whereas it is not always the case, and with vintage instruments, we see some laminate top guitars with high production and craftsmanship. These guitars will retain their value accordingly. For instance, some new guitars that use plied woods are not concerned with craftsmanship or quality, which are often in the lowest retail price point and thus do not gain value with time. Thus, the price and value of the guitar should depend on the material it uses.

Humidity Concerns

One great thing about laminated guitar tops is that they tend to resist extremes in temperature and humidity. This resistance to humidity is helpful for the players that don’t like to care actively and maintain the guitar.

A solid top acoustic guitar is not good when it comes to humidity because of its material. As the season changes, the humidity changes relatively, which results in shifting and shaping wood. Thus, if you choose solid top acoustic guitars, you should pay attention to the humidity in your place. 

Laminate VS. Solid Top Guitar: Which is Better?

This article is pretty much self-explanatory about the difference between a solid top acoustic guitar and a laminate guitar. As aforementioned, both laminate and solid top acoustic guitars have their pros and cons. You can choose the laminate or solid top acoustic guitar according to your needs. However, when buying a solid top acoustic guitar or laminate guitar, the main thing to consider is looking for a trusted manufacturer. Huayi is among the top manufacturers that can fulfill your need for solid and laminate guitars.

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