The past few years have witnessed that musical instruments are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially acoustic guitars. However, if you are in the market to purchase acoustic guitars, you may be puzzled by the following question ” how to choose an acoustic guitar ?”


So, this article would help if you first researched how to choose an acoustic guitar. By doing this research, you will avoid future regrets. We have compiled a concise yet comprehensive guide on how to choose an acoustic guitar that not only entails the features of a basic acoustic guitar but also answers the very question, “what is the best acoustic guitar?”

Features and Types of Acoustic Guitars 

Before making clear how to choose an acoustic guitar, it is necessary to learn more about them. There are various categories of acoustic guitars that come in different shapes and give different sound qualities.


Plywood Guitar

The plywood acoustic guitars are the ones having many wood layers glued into each other. Plywood acoustic guitars are very resistible against extreme weather conditions, and people can also carry them easily while traveling anywhere.


These guitars are stable, and they remain firm in dry weather. But the wooden layers get affected and can deform in the humidity. The plywood layers sometimes do not allow the strings to produce nice vibration sounds.


Veneer Guitar

The veneer guitars are the best option to choose if you want to buy a guitar that looks attractive and stylish. These types of guitars consist of thin layers of natural woods. The veneer guitars attract the customers as they are eye-appealing and make them distinct.


By maintaining the strings and sound properties of veneer guitars, they will have both the qualities of high-quality sound and look stylish to carry. The veneer guitars are highly stable and can bear extreme weather conditions.


Solid Top Guitar

If you are in the market and ask that what is the best acoustic guitar to buy? We would recommend you a solid top guitar. These guitars use made using solid wood and produce an unmatching quality of sound.


The top and the sides of these guitars are made of solid wood, not placed in layers or veneers. This is the reason that the sound of these solid wood guitars is louder and clear.

How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar?

The answer to this question is that learn everything about acoustic guitars, their features, prices, appearance, construction, intonation, and sound properties. Only then, you’ll be able to buy the best acoustic guitar for you.


However, you can trust the call of seasoned guitarists in how to choose an acoustic guitar, who had placed their trust in Huayi to begin their musical journey with the acoustic guitars offered by this prestigious company.


To your knowledge, we have discussed a few points below, which you can consider while buying a basic acoustic guitar.


Tidy and Complete Appearance: Seams and Joints

The appearance of any guitar is the first thing to notice on entering any guitar shop. There is a huge variety of acoustic guitars with different appearances, shapes, styles, and sizes.


Observe an acoustic guitar according to its appearance firstly. Avoid selecting any guitar with excessive gaps at the seams. Its neck and panel should be tidy and without any burr. Straightness is the basis for a calibrated feel, and a neck that is not straight will result in inaccurate intonation.


Good Touching: Solid and Well-Made

You should make it a habit to check the guitar’s construction if you want to master how to choose an acoustic guitar. The sound of solid wood guitars is louder and clear. So, the solid wood acoustic guitar is a nice option to choose.


If you want to buy an acoustic guitar at a reasonable price, you should consider a plywood guitar. But plywood guitars do not have as good vibration quality in contrast to solid wood acoustic guitars. You can even differentiate between these different types of acoustic guitars by touching on their surface.


Nice Intonation

Consider a guitar with nice intonation. An acoustic guitar with a nice intonation means that it can get in tune along the whole length of the fretboard.


If you choose an acoustic guitar with poor intonation, it will get out-of-tune along the length of the fretboard. Your guitar is not worth it if its intonation quality is not good. You will remain out-of-tune whatever you do with the strings or the guitar.

The Best Acoustic Guitars Recommendation

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